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Origin of Life on Earth

   Ashé Cultural Arts Center's original dance/theater adaptation of The Origin of Life on Earth is part of the Jefferson Performing Arts Society's (JPAS) Arts Adventure Series.  JPAS is proud to bring this multi-disciplinary performance experience back to the stage once again after the 2007 production.  This Big Easy Award winning production tells the story of how earth and the first people were created, according to the Yoruba Culture of West Africa. The creation story connects to the African Diaspora, the arrival of West Africans to New Orleans and their legacy in New Orleans culture and tradition. This dance/theater production has a cast that includes master dancers, theater artists and musicians that bring to life this story.  The production uses...

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How we got Started at Roots Collection

  Established in 1998 by Armon Davis, the idea came about at a study abroad program in West Africa. During a class discussion, professors asked, “What could you as students do to bring Africa back to prominence?” My answer was strengthen the economy through imports with American businesses. The challenge was then rolled into motion when a group of students stated they could start a small business importing African goods and selling them in America. Later that year, African Roots and Heritage Marketplace was born. Over the past 22 years, our company has expanded to include products from all over the world. On behalf of African Roots and Heritage Marketplace, I thank you for shopping with us and I hope...

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